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About Us

The Community’s Leading Provider of Mental Health and Counseling services

Established in 2016, Connections Health Center LLC is a reliable provider of Mental Health and Counseling services that primarily serve children, adolescents, and young adults. Through our expertise, it is our goal to help our young clients achieve inner peace, a clear mind, and a better life in general.

At Connections Health Center LLC, we are composed of mental health professionals who are experts in their respective fields. With the experience and expertise of our staff members, we can provide high-quality and holistic services including individual, family, group, expressive, parent training. These services are customized to meet the unique circumstances and needs of every individual.

Mission Statement

We are committed to providing family-centered, holistic healthcare grounded in evidence-based practices to heal both mind and body through: individual, family, group, and expressive therapies such as art, recreation, and yoga.

Hello, my name is Kelly Neverson. First I would like to thank you for considering us to work with your child. I knew early on that I enjoy working with children and adolescents and it was a passion that I wanted to make a career. I obtained my Bachelor’s degree from University of Maryland in Criminology and Criminal Justice and worked 11 years in DC Superior Courts with adolescents. After completing my Masters in Forensic Psychology I began working with adolescents ages 9-17 in Residential Treatment Facility for 12 years. I then obtained my Masters in Community Counseling and my LPC in Virginia and took a more direct clinical position working with adolescents. I have a wide array of experiences from residential, acute, case management, crisis intervention, partial hospitalization as well as outpatient services and coordinating continuum of care. I enjoy working with adolescents where they are and helping them to work through the difficulty situations they are experiencing. Each child has their own unique gifts and strengths that they can learn to depend on. The transition through the teenage years can be a very difficult time for both the adolescent and their family. My goals when working with adolescents are to increase parent communication, teach them to embrace differences, help them to accept others, empower them to tell their own story and find out who they are. My family system outlook is very similar to an Olympic team. Each individual has their own strengths and characteristics they bring to the table. Together they are unstoppable and can accomplish anything. When one member of the team is not functioning at 100% it can weigh on the entire team and can cause stress on the entire team. Allow us to bring your team back together. To find your child inside, the person that you have always known was there but has been lost in the stressors and weight in their world. We offer a family centered holistic approach for children and adolescents to build resilience and encourage growth and development through evidenced based practices and support to reintegrate back into the community.

If you have further questions regarding our agency, you may contact us at 301-461-7039 to speak with one of our representatives.