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Group Therapy

At Connections Health Center LLC, we offer our Group Therapy service wherein individuals who have the same experiences and issues can share a therapeutic experience. During group therapy sessions, individuals are encouraged to open up about their experiences and to listen to the stories of others as well.

Through group therapy, individuals are reminded that they are not alone; that there are people out there who can truly empathize with their struggles. Sessions are conducted in a private and safe setting and it will be handled by a trained mental health professional.

For further discussion, please reach us at 301-461-7039. We will be happy to fill you in with more details.

Young AdultĀ Group Meets Every Saturday from 10-12

We have an active young adult group that consists of high school seniors and recently graduated young adults who meet weekly to help navigate the stressors of life, college, jobs, relationships, and future goals while providing a supportive network for each other.

Substance Abuse Group Every Tuesday

The Adolescent Young Adult Substance Abuse therapy group meets weekly to support patients through this difficult process while gaining insight into themselves, fostering hope, and encouraging self-reflection and growth.

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